I know the challenges of juggling a career, family and personal life and somehow finding time to exercise. And I am familiar with how hard to can be to make the correct food choices to nourish your soul when you are short on time and knowledge to make better choices.

Body Mind & Soul Health & Fitness is for busy mums, and men and women who want to be the best version of themselves but lack the time and knowledge to make this a reality. There is no blanket approach – just as we are all unique, and so is my approach with each individual client - helping you restore your health one step at a time.


Health & Wellness Coaching is a process that facilitates long-term behavioural change by taking smaller, achievable steps. With trust, positive psychology, motivational skills, listening, reflections and accountability, Health & Wellness Coaches assist the client in unlocking their motivation and inner wisdom - each of us already intuitively KNOW what we need to do to improve our health and happiness. We all have an internal vision of what the ultimate healthy life looks like. If I asked you now; What are 3 things you could be doing to improve your health; you would know almost straight away. So that's where we start - and we transform your vision into action.

You'll be amazed by how much you can change your life in a relatively short period of time, by taking small steps.

Call now and start achieving results.



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