How many days a week should you exercise?

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* Depends on your personal goals/schedule/energy levels
* Let’s assume you’re a busy mum with limited time, perhaps working as well
* For most people, 3-4 sessions a week would be sufficient
* If you’re new to exercise then make sure you set an achievable number of sessions to start with and add sessions from there
* Train in a way that you enjoy, that fits with your goals
* A combination of resistance training and some kind of cardio/HIIT is a good starting point
* Focus on working the whole body in each workout rather than splitting it up into Leg Day, Chest day etc

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Organic Produce

Organic Produce

What’s the fuss with organic food? Why is it so expensive? Is it worth it?

Most of what is grown today is treated with pesticides, this is a well-known fact. A study of one particular family showed that even though they ate quite well, urine samples showed that their bodies contained an alarming number of pesticides. After just 2 weeks of eating organically, all pesticides had almost completely disappeared.