Personal Training Gold Coast


  • Cert III & IV in Fitness (Personal Trainer)

  • Qualified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

  • Advanced Nutrition Certificate

  • Certified Boxing for Fitness Trainer

  • Certified Female Specific Training

  • Certified Kids Trainer

  • Current Blue Card (Working with children)

  • First Aid & CPR including Asthma and Anaphylaxis

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Having been through my own journey from being fit & active; playing Waterpolo, Touch Football and Beach Volleyball, to becoming a Mum and climbing the corporate ladder to Chief of Operations for a large company, I found myself in a place where I had allowed my career and family responsibilities to take priority over my personal health, fitness & happiness and I knew I had to reclaim my life.

Fast forward to the present day - and now one of the best things I love about being a Personal Trainer & Health Coach, is helping people reconnect to their body, change their lifestyle and celebrate their new-found (or regained) strength and fitness.

I train clients of all ages and all fitness levels and I'm right there cheering them on when they do that first full pushup or are able to run faster or lift heavier than ever before.

I love the texts I get from clients telling me their friends and family have commented on their weight loss or how they have to buy new clothes because the old ones are too loose, or they're now strong enough to carry their children upstairs to bed.

One of the first things we'll talk about in your free introductory session is what your goals are; where you see yourself in a month, 3 months, 12 months from now. How do you want to feel and what areas of your life outside the gym need some attention. With hard work, commitment and guidance, together we will take actionable steps every week towards those goals.

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