Personal Trainer Wellness Coach Gold Coast


A simple stock-take of my life 5 years ago had revealed hard truths: I was overweight, working demanding hours (which involved a 3-hour daily commute) and chained to a corporate desk job that didn’t bring me real fulfillment. I was also juggling the responsibilities of being a single Mum at the time, and a social life which was starting to impact upon my health.

I certainly wasn’t taking care of myself and getting the most out of my life.

Fast forward a few years and by now I was living a healthier and more balanced life although I still found myself wanting more from my health and fitness than I was getting just from regular training and exercise. You can eat clean and train every day but still feel that something is missing.

Enter Integrative Wellness... Health and Fitness isn’t just all about physique. There are a number of aspects in our lives that make us who we are and bring us happiness. Such as career, healthy finances, personal growth, happy relationships, living your purpose, education, spirituality, creativity and more.


  • Qualified Australian Wellness Coach
  • Qualified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
  • Advanced Nutrition Certificate
  • Cert III & IV in Fitness (Personal Trainer)
  • Certified Boxing for Fitness Trainer
  • Certified Female Specific Training
  • Certified Kids Trainer
  • Current Blue Card (Working with children)
  • First Aid & CPR including Asthma and Anaphylaxis